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In-Person Tooth Gem Training

*Teeth Whitening Training (Coming Soon!)*

In-person tooth gem training offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that goes beyond what can be achieved through online courses or self-study.


These trainings provide hands-on instruction, real-time feedback, and a supportive learning environment that fosters skill development and confidence.

Values + Benefits

Live Demo: Included in training you will receive a tooth gem application so that you will be able to have first hand experience on hand placement and technique from the client and student perspective. 

Personalized Coaching and Feedback: In-person training settings offer immediate feedback and personalized coaching to each trainee.

Hands-on Learning with Live Models: Trainees can practice tooth gem application and teeth whitening techniques on real individuals, gaining valuable experience and honing their skills that require precision and attention to detail under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Real-Time Problem Solving: In-person training allows trainees to receive immediate assistance when facing challenges, helping them overcome obstacles more effectively and ensuring a better understanding of the procedures. Immediate Q&A allows trainees to ask questions and seek clarifications during the training session.

Support and Resources: In-person training comes with supplementary materials, resources and post-training support such as ongoing communication with instructors

Immediate Q&A Sessions: In-person training allows trainees to ask questions and seek clarifications during the training session. This instant access to knowledge ensures that trainees fully grasp the concepts being taught and can apply them accurately in their work.

Practical Technique Mastery: Tooth gem application and teeth whitening are skills that require precision and attention to detail. In-person training provides the opportunity for trainees to refine their techniques through repeated practice, ultimately leading to mastery of the procedures.

Certificate: Certifications not only validate a trainee's skill level but also enhance their credibility and marketability in the industry.

Confidence Building: The combination of practical experience, expert guidance, and interaction with live models helps build trainees' confidence in their abilities. Graduates of in-person training programs tend to approach their work with greater self-assuredness, leading to better client interactions and outcomes.

Interactive Learning Environment: In-person training sessions often include demonstrations, interactive discussions, and group activities that cater to different learning styles. This dynamic environment keeps trainees engaged and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Tooth Gem Training + Kit: $1,250 (CAD)

Your Kit Includes:

Everything you need: manual, materials, gems, curing light, protective glasses applicators and more. We will use my material so that your kits remains in tact. 


Kits come with a minimum of 150 gems plus a few extras so you can practice on friends and family to start building content as well as bonus gems of colour.

Kits are made to order by $250 non refundable deposit.

What To Expect: 

We cover content, materials, infection control, set up, faq, ethics, quality control, etiquette, application and most importantly, what not to do and why not to do it. 


Training is hands on, with no more than two people per class.

Included in your training will be a tooth gem application for yourself so you can see how I set up and watch me work. You may invite a model at the end of our session to be your model and I can support you while you apply your first gem

Course Instructor:

Miss V has been in the dental field for over 25yrs and pass along all the common sense and direction to you as well as ongoing support. 

Training Opportunities



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